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A few tips to optimize your chances 💡
Win more Grooviz by inviting your artists pals 👏 10 Grooviz per new artist referred
Win more Grooviz by inviting your artists pals 👏 10 Grooviz per new artist referred

Telling people about Groover will help you earn Grooviz 🎁

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You can now refer your artist friends and earn Grooviz at the same time! We also explain how to use the referral link or code if you're new to Groover down below âŹ‡ïž

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1. How does the Groover referral program work?

You can refer friends who haven't sent a campaign yet and receive 10 Grooviz for each first campaign they send!

Your friends received 10% off their first campaign with your referral link or code!

The more people you invite, the higher your level you get. Unlocking a new level comes with rewards. For instance, after referring three friends, you'll get to the first level and 25% off your next campaign đŸ”„

2. How do I invite friends to Groover?

1. Click on 👉 this link to access your Referral Page 👈

2. Copy your referral link to send it to your friends who haven't signed up on Groover yet. You can also click the "email", "Facebook", "Messenger", "Twitter" and "WhatsApp" icons to share your link easily

3. Or copy your referral code to send to friends who have already signed up on the platform but haven't sent a campaign yet.

4. You can follow how many Grooviz you've earned by referring your friends in the "My recap" section and the levels you unlocked right below.

3. A friend referred me, where can I get the discount?

If you don't have an account yet:

1. Click on the referral link you received

2. Sign-up on Groover

3. You can directly launch your campaign, and the 10% off discount will apply automatically. You can follow this guide to help you send your track for the first time

4. That's it! You can now invite your pals on the Referral Page of your Groover account 😊

If you already have a Groover account (but you haven't sent a campaign yet):

1. Ask your friend for their referral code

3. Start a campaign

4. Apply the code at the recap page of the campaign, follow the instructions on how to apply the code

5. That's it! Your turn to invite your pals using the Referral Page of your Groover account 😊

NB : if you've already sent a campaign on Groover in the past, you won't be able to get a discount through referral... But you'll be able to refer other artists to Groover, of course!

Don't hesitate to reach out to for any questions !

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