What is Groover?

On Groover, the artists and their representatives (labels, managers, PR officers...) can send a track to music curators & pros (labels, blogs, radios, managers, bookers...) that they pick easily and directly from a list, with the guarantee of being listened to, get feedback & hopefully more visibility and opportunities!

How does it work? 🧐

For readers, 6 key steps to get started

  1. Add the track/song that you want to promote [red button in the bottom right corner] using a YouTube link - which can be unlisted - or SoundCloud link - which can be private if shareable. More info on the different links that you can use here. You can also fill in additional pieces of information such as the date and place of your next gig, the release date, if it's a demo or an exclusive.

  2. Choose the music curators & pros that you want to contact. You can use the filters to help you find the right ones for you, and get more info by clicking on their cards.

  3. Write a short pitch for your track, by giving context elements and indicating what your targets are. You can also add a personal message for each of the curators & pros. More info on how to write the perfect pitch there.

  4. Once on the summary of your campaign, buy Grooviz, the tokens which allow you to send your music to the blogs, radios and music pros on Groover. Each contact costs you 2 Grooviz (1 Grooviz = €1).

  5. Validate your campaign. You'll get your feedback within 7 days. After 7 days, you get Grooviz back for those who haven't replied to you in order for you to contact someone else... Or the same person again. Just so you know, the current answer rate is around 90%. Magic ✨

  6. After your campaign is launched, don't forget to fill in your profile as much as you can. It's a precious source of information for the music professionals that you contact and who'd wish to know more about you and your project.

A win-win system 🤝

🎸 The artists and their representatives save time on their promotion work, and are guaranteed to get feedback, gain visibility and create opportunities (+200,000 shares and +500 signatures with record labels, bookers or publishers since launch).

🎧 Music influencers are not overwhelmed with emails anymore. They receive new tracks which fit their editorial policy. For the first time, they are paid for their music discovery activities - €1 per feedback, whatever their decision is - and keep their editorial independence.

What are you waiting for?

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