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Write the perfect pitch for your campaign 🔥

How to reach your target by explaining in detail your project and what you're looking for 🎯

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Within your Groover campaign, once you have added the main information on your track (name, link, release date...) and chosen the media outlets, radios, record labels and pros that you want to contact, the last crucial step before validating your campaign is writing a good pitch for your campaign.

We're happy to provide you with a few tips to draw attention to your project and reach your target

1. Detail what you're looking for

To start, ask yourself an essential question:

What are you currently looking for? Media coverage? Finding a record label, a manager, a booker? Getting advice and feedback on a demo? All of these?

Whatever your answer is, you need to indicate precisely your situation and your expectations. This will help the professionals you're contacting adapt their answer to your situation and get in touch with you if they're interested in your artistic project 😉

2. Adapt your pitch according to the contacts you have chosen

Are you currently looking for a record label to release your next EP? After a few shows, you want to work with a booker? Is your focus more on gaining media coverage for your latest release?

Don't hesitate to adapt your ask and the information that you provide depending to the contacts chosen
For example: if you're contacting bookers, you can add info on your recent gigs, or the date and location of your next one!

💡Are you contacting media outlets, record labels and music pros for different reasons within the same campaign? You can use the personalized messages to adapt your message to each contact. The Personalized messages section is located just underneath the General Pitch of your track. More details and advice on personalized messages right here.

3. Be concise and informative

No matter what happens, the professionals you contact on Groover are going to listen to your song. Instead of describing your song from a sonic perspective, try to give them 1-2 pieces of information that are crucial to understand your project best. A few suggestions:

  • The release date for your album / single and the listening link

  • If you're sending a music video, its context of filming, if notable

  • Your next show and/or the locations of your latest gigs

  • A recent opening you did for a band you admire

  • Support received for this release (crowdfunding, media coverage...)

  • Major influences, if relevant

🔶 Be careful not to write too much - Try to focus on the 1-2 most important elements of your project that are the most likely to raise the interest of the professionals, 5 lines max. It's an initial contact and their time remains limited

💡 Final tip: Don't forget to fully complete your profile and keep it updated. It's proof that you're serious about your musical goals, and serves as an important source of information for the professionals who discover your song. It's also a way to add more info on your project than soltely in the pitch!

If you ever need more help with your pitch, check out this guide on how to pitch to playlists 🗣️

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