On top of the general pitch of your track, you can use the personalized messages to adapt your message to each contact. The Personalized messages section is located just underneath the General Pitch of your track.

When and how to write a cool personalized message?

First of all, the personalized messages are not mandatory. If you're short on time and if the general pitch of your track is already precise enough, don't feel obligated to write a custom message to each contact 😊 You can also prioritize personalized messages for the contacts who are the most important to you!

But if you have time, personalized messages can be a great asset, especially if you're contacting media outlets, record labels and music pros for different reasons within the same campaign. In a personalized message, you can add more precision on what you're looking for when contacting someone in particular, but also evoke a previous encounter/email exchange or a personal element which you appreciate (examples: a article you've read on their blog or their artistic line, an artist of their roster if it's a label)

πŸ’‘ Tip : don't hesitate to address the person by their first name or the name of their blog/entity, why not in a joyful or surprising manner! This kind of small attention can help you stand out compared to other artists on Groover πŸ˜‰

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