Artist or Artists Representative Account: which one to choose?

Let's have a look at the differences and which one to choose according to your profile 💡

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Signing up on Groover: what type of account should you choose?

When you create an account on Groover for the first time (welcome 🧡), you'll be asked to choose between an "Artist" or "Artists Representative" account. Here's what we recommend you choose:

  • Artists Representative Account: if you're an artist manager or you run a label, this account is made for you! You'll be able to manage the promotion of your various artists from one single account, while keeping their profiles clearly distinct!

Specific features of the Artists Representative Account

The Artists Representative account allows you to manage several artists from one unique account! How convenient! Here are a few details on how this type of account works:

  • 100% independent artist profiles: with a Representative Account, you can manage the promotion of your artists completely independently, as if you had separate accounts for each of them. Campaigns are sent in the name of the artist you're promoting (and not the label/manager).

  • A single email address, a single password: as you probably understood, everything is managed from one unique account, associated with a single email address and password. If you want to give your artists the option of logging into the account so that they can directly access their campaign recaps, all you have to do is share your login details with them ;)

  • A common wallet: when you buy Grooviz to promote your artists [check the Grooviz packs here], they are part of a common wallet for the different artists profiles. No need to transfer the Grooviz from one account to another!

💡 If you're interested in purchasing Grooviz packs specially adapted to your needs for promoting your artists, don't hesitate to contact us:

I'd like to change my account type: is it possible?

You created an Artist Account when you wanted to have a Representative Account? No problem! You can change it very easily by going to your Account Settings and then selecting "Account Type". You can then choose the type of account that suits you best!

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