Even if your track is not finished and/or you don't have your final track link, you can still go through the list of music curators & pros and prepare your future campaign in advance :)

How can I see the list of curators / pros if my track is still not finished?

👉 To have access to all Groover curators / pros, you need to start a campaign draft. Don't worry, you don't have to send it, you only need to fill in a track name - it can be "Demo #1" if you haven't fixed that either. You don't even have to add a link to your track ;) Once you've proceeded to step 2, you'll have access to the full list of curators and pros and you will be able to browse through them.

👉 Groover can also be used to get feedback on an unfinished demo, we wrote an in-depth article on this topic which is available here

Why this process? 🧐

We decided to set up this campaign submission process based upon feedback from artists. This allows us to better qualify the tracks you want to send beforehand - by getting information on your campaign targets, your musical universe, etc. - and then show you the most relevant music curators & pros!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions or need advice :)

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