How do recommendations work on Groover?

When you sign up on Groover, you put in information about your musical project. We use this information to help you find the best curators & pros for your music!

What kind of information is taken into account to make recommendations?

All the information you’ve put in your profile! Our system particularly uses genres and sub-genres that you have selected when you registered. It also looks at your past interactions with curators & pros on the platform if you’ve used Groover before. The more accurate your profile is, the more precise the recommendations will be. We’re able to guide you in your search for curators & pros by using campaigns from artists who have a similar profile to yours.

What does it mean if a curator/pro has a certain percentage (90, 70, 50, 30, 10%)?

It’s the estimated compatibility between your project and the contact. The higher the score, the more we believe your music corresponds to the pro/media selected. We’re looking to bring you the best opportunities, that’s why we guide you towards people who are the most likely to like your song.

💡 The % indicates an estimated compatibility between your music and the curator/pro, it doesn't predict whether your track will be accepted or not. Your track may be shared by a curator recommended at 30% and not shared by a curator recommended at 90%, you can also trust your instincts!

Where can I see the recommendations?

Recommendations automatically appear during the ‘Selection’ step of your campaign where you can see the curators & pros. The best fits will appear higher up in the list of pros & media you want to add to your campaign. You can see the score on their profiles and directly in the search page with the “corresponds at x%”

What if the recommended curators & pros don’t actually correspond to my project?

When you select curators/pros that you want to send your track to, you can use the ‘Filters’ feature in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll be able to filter the pros by type, genre and location.

Don’t forget that recommendations are only a tool to guide you during your selection. We can’t guarantee that these contacts will accept to share your track.

If you want to receive more advice on your campaign, shoot us an email at with a listening link to your track! 😉

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