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What is a "Top Curator / Pro" on Groover?

More info on the program which gathers the most influential and high quality curators and pros on Groover

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With Groover current development, we have long been aiming at inviting high scale curators and music pros who could boost their crushes discovered on the platform. That is why we have decided to create the "Top Curator / Pro" program which gathers a limited number of curators and music pros.

The chosen curators / pros stand out by their undeniable influence and the quality of the content they produce, already both characteristics which we evaluate when we review the curators / pros applications to join Groover. This is what justifies their price of 4 Grooviz (= €4) against 2 Grooviz for all other curators / pros present on the platform.

💡 Tip : even if not part of the "Top Curators / Pros", quite a few curators / pros are awarded the badges "Impactful" and "High-Quality Feedback" when they stand out in these categories.

How are they chosen in details?

First of all, it is important to note that the "Top Curators / Pros" are selected by an editorial choice of the team responsible of the curators / pros community at Groover. And a few are chosen (less than 3% of all curators / pros available). A few criteria prevail:

  • An entity which is recognized in the music industry for the quality of their content, the clarity of their editorial line and their influence

  • They have a considerable impact or provide recognition to the artists shared in quality and/or quantity points of view.

  • They are part of the curators / pros which receive the most tracks on Groover and/or the most requested by artists

How to spot them

Once you've initiated your campaign and indicated the information on your track, you'll gain access to the list of all the curators / pros currently available on Groover. The "Top Curators / Pros" can be spotted by the presence of the badge below, the mention "Top Curator / Pro" and the cost of 4 Grooviz instead of 2 to contact them.

Who are the Top Curators/Pros?

The selection of the "Top Curator / Pros" of curators/pros on Groover will evolve month after month. At launch in the end of 2020, the chosen ones include Beware Mag, Raplume, Interlude, Arty Paris, Raska, Brain Magazine etc.

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