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Can anyone send their music on Groover?

Groover is open to all artists and professionals, before, during and after the release

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Whether your track is already released (even if it's been several months!), just before release or not yet finished, send it on Groover can be useful at any time :) There are curators & pros for every level of development and any style of music on Groover.

As long as you have a YouTube link - it can be unlisted - or a SoundCloud link - it can be private if you use the shareable version - to your track, you may use Groover! [More information on the links which you can use here]

We advise you to carefully pick up your influencers depending on the genre of your music and what you're looking for 😉

You should especially take into account these elements:

  • What you are looking for: reviews or playlists for your release? A record label for your upcoming release? Advice on your demo before you finalize it? After you've started a campaign, added information on your track and access the full list of curators & pros available, use the filters to help you choose the right contacts for you

  • What music genre is your track closest to: match it with the ones which the curators & pros prefer. Filters can also be very useful here ;)

  • Influencers preferences: what they want and do not want to receive. These details are indicated on their profiles.

The feedback received could be a great motivation trigger, bring great news and initiate new collaborations (the acceptance rate is currently over 20%). These comments could also be insightful, or help you evolve. The quality of feedbacks is not always the same, but we make sure that the quality of the comments you get from influencers gets better and better.

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