Yes, Groover is a paying service. But this is what allows us to secure the feedback you receive from music curators and pros which is our mission #1. Our prices are simple to understand, affordable and transparent.

The... Grooviz ?

These are the virtual coins on Groover. In order to send your track to the curators / pros (music influencers) on the Groover platform, you will need to get Grooviz.

  • 1 Grooviz costs €1 all taxes included
  • To send a track to 1 curator / pro will cost you 2 Grooviz. An exception for the "Top Curators / Pros", a selection of less than 3% of all the contacts which will cost you 4 Grooviz to contact instead of 2 - More info
  • You can buy attractive packages in your Wallet:
    €36 for 40 Grooviz (-10%)
    €68 for 80 Grooviz (-15%)
    €98 for 120 Grooviz (-18%)
    235€ for 300 Grooviz (-22%)

What happens next with Grooviz?

When a media outlet, a radio, a record label or a professional gives feedback of at least 15 words on your track, he or she gets 1 Grooviz*. Groover keeps 1 Grooviz as commission.

If within 7 days you don't get feedback from all your contacts - answer rate on Groover is currently over 85% -, you will get Grooviz back for those who didn't answer. You will then be able to re-use those on other influencers. Feedback guaranteed, this is our promise!

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