Who are the Curators / Pros on Groover?

Media outlets, record labels, mentors: explanations

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The Curators / Pros on Groover are music enthusiasts who have been carefully picked up by the Groover Team for their ability to curate and discover talented new artists.

Our criteria to approve their application on the platform are their degree of influence (globally, on a niche) and the quality of the content they produce / the artists they support as well as their editorial line.

The 3 main categories of Curators / Pros on Groover

Today they can be placed in 3 main categories depending on what you are looking for. You can access to the whole list of curators & pros available once you've started your campaign and added the info on your track. You can then target them more precisely by using the filters available (music genres, types, countries):

  • Visibility: those are the media outlets, blogs, radio stations & shows, playlisters, Youtube channels, social media influencers... If they like your track, they will share it to their audience, allowing you to get your music heard to a new audience

  • Partners: they are record labels, bookers, managers, publishers looking for their next crushes to start working with and representing. If you're looking to build your entourage, those are the ones you should contact

  • Advice: they are managers, coaches, mentors or other music industry players. They have been chosen for their abilities to give you advice on your production, your career or your project. If you're sending a demo or looking for detailed advice, those are the ones you should get in touch with in priority

All the curators / pros on Groover share the desire to discover new music talents and fresh music. They have been picked up carefully for what they could bring to you. Music curators & pros are independent and specialized in different music genres.

Filters, but also badges to help you choose the right curators & pros for you

In order to help you navigate through the selection of more than 2,500 curators / pros on Groover, we have set up badges. You'll be able to filter out the selection of curators / pros depending on these badges.

1 - Badges linked with special services and activities :

  • Certified Playlist Spotify : the Groover team has verified the editorial quality and the impact of this playlist

  • Certified Youtube Channel : the Groover team has verified the editorial quality and the impact of this channel

  • Organizes events : This media / pro organizes gigs

2 - Badges linked with the activity of the curator / pro on Groover

  • Impactful : this curator / pro is known for having a strong positive impact on the artists shared or met

  • High quality feedback : this curator / pro stands out by the pertinence and quality of the feedback given

  • High answer rate : this curator / pro is very active currently, giving feedback to more than 90% of the received tracks

  • High acceptance rate : This curator / pro accepts more than 15% of the received tracks

  • (Very) selective : This curator / pro shares less than 4% of received tracks

  • Top Curator / Pro - This curator / pro is part of the "Top Curator / Pro" special program reserved to less than 3% of the outlets available. you can contact them for 4 or 6 Grooviz instead of 2. More details on this program here.

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