The answer to this question is simple. When Groover started, we - the Groover team - quickly realized that by sending a track to less than 5 curators/pros, the campaign was very often deceptive. 5 curators / pros appears as the strict minimum to obtain value from a Groover campaign. Indeed, the most successful Groover campaigns always include more than 30 curators / pros and most of the time more than 50 contacts. The more influencers you select, the more relevant for your project they are, the more opportunities you create for your project.

Today there are actually enough influencers on the platform - more than 1,400! - so that many of them could appreciate your music. By contacting more influencers, you give yourself more chances to get coverage and create meaningful connections with people who can help you develop your project.

> More detailed info on how to determine which budget to dedicate to your Groover campaign here

Grooviz discount packs for successful campaigns

That is also why we implemented the Grooviz discount packs which are available in your Wallet. Their goal is to allow you to maximize your chances of success by sending your tracks to more influencers while saving money. Currently, the discount packs available are:

  • Britney - €45 for 50 Grooviz (-10%)

  • Mariah - €94 for 110 Grooviz (-15%)

  • Freddie - €240 for 300 Grooviz (-20%)

  • Michael - €380 for 500 Grooviz (-24%)

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