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What budget should I invest on my Groover campaign?
What budget should I invest on my Groover campaign?

How and how much to invest to optimize your results

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Are you trying to promote your music to media, radios, labels and pros through Groover but don’t know what budget to allocate to be efficient? You're not the only one.

No need to call your banker to do a campaign on Groover, however, we have noticed a strong correlation between the number of contacts chosen and the success of the campaigns, parallel to artist satisfaction after the campaigns and the results obtained. Targeting the right contacts also has an important impact!

After 2 years of the platform's existence, it is very clear from our data that the most successful campaigns on Groover all have more than 20 contacts.

How much do I need to invest in my Groover campaign to have the best chances of success?

As we mentioned, the most successful campaigns on Groover contain at least 20 contacts and often more than 30 contacts. The relevance of the number of contacts you choose will of course depend on your musical style and your goals, but with already more than 700 active influencers on Groover, you certainly have options (filters can help!).

To prepare your campaigns in the best possible way, we have set up special promo packs which can help you to reach your contacts while optimizing your budget.

Depending on your budget:

If you have time + a limited budget: you can either decide on a very precise campaign and in this case the different tips, filters and profile information can help you set it up by optimizing your budget to the maximum. Like anything, using Groover includes a learning phase: the more campaigns you send, the more you'll know how to best target.

If you have little time + an interesting budget: you can also opt for a more general promotion strategy when your song is released, which allows you to get an instant boost and make your music known to as many people as possible without wasting time ;) Filters can be very useful to save you time in your selection. We've noticed that the most successful campaigns on Groover all had more than 30 contacts, often more. Trying things out on less obvious targets can pay off 😉

Depending on your objectives:

  • Visibility: More than 70% of the contacts available on Groover can offer you direct visibility and opportunities if they like your music. If that's your main goal, your budget can easily go above 50 Grooviz, depending on the musical genres you identify with. The more contacts you select, the more you increase your chances of getting interesting results!

  • Build your entourage: here we recommend taking the time to target contacts that are relevant to you and your musical world. Campaigns can be smaller and more precise.

Common situations:

You are an independent artist releasing a single:

For your first campaign on Groover, we advise that you start with the Mick pack (36€ for 40 Grooviz = 20 contacts) or the Britney pack (68€ for 80 Grooviz = 40 contacts) which will allow you to contact enough different contacts (media, radios, playlists etc.) to get real results!

You are planning several releases in the coming months:

In this case, you can turn to the Mariah pack (98€ for 120 Grooviz = 60 contacts) or the Freddie pack (235€ for 300 Grooviz = 150 contacts) which will really enhance your possibilities. Note that Grooviz never expire, so you can still use them several months later.

You represent several artists with frequent releases:

The Freddie pack (235€ for 300 Grooviz = 150 contacts) is the most appropriate for you, with a 22% discount that will allow you to multiply the contacts for your artists while saving in the process. If you are looking for an even bigger Grooviz pack, you can contact us at for our special offers.

3 point summary

The more you contact medias, radios, labels, and pros, the more results your campaign brings in.

🎁 The Grooviz packs help to maximize your results while optimizing your budget efficiently.

🎯 Targeting your influencers to align with your musical universe and objectives is also important in maximizing the impact of your campaign.

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