You are looking to promote your music to curators, radios, record labels and pros available on Groover but you don't know which budget you need to invest in order to maximize your results? You're not the only one!

You are not going to need to call your bank to make a campaign on Groover, however we have noted a strong correlation between the number of contacts chosen and how campaigns succeed, the satisfaction of the artists once they're finished and the results obtained. Target well the relevant contacts also has a high impact!

After 2 years of Groover being alive, the platform's data clearly show that the most successful campaigns on Groover were all sent to more than 30 contacts, and most of them more than 40-50 contacts.

How much do I need to invest in my Groover campaign in order to lead it to success?

As said above, the most successful campaigns on Groover all comprise more than 30 contacts, often more than 40-50 contacts. The # of curators / pros chosen will of course depend on your music style and your targets, but with more than 1,000 curators / pros currently active, you risk to be spoiled for choice (though filters can help!)

To help you prepare your campaigns, we have set up special packs with interesting discounts which can help you spread your contacts while optimizing your budget.

Depending on your budget:

If you've got time but a limited budget: you can choose between a tailor-made campaign, very precise. In that case the advice, filters and information on the profiles of the curators / pros can help you set it up while fully optimizing your budget. Of course there's a learning curve on Groover: the more you'll send campaigns, the more you'll be experienced and know how to target well.

If you haven't got much time but a comfy budget: you can opt for a more global promotion strategy when your track is released, which can help you benefit from a close-to-immediate booster and get your music heard to more people rapidly ;) The filters can be very useful to help you save time in your selection process. We have noted that the most successful campaigns on Groover were all sent to more than 30 contacts, often more. Try things out, test the waters on less conventional targets can be a winning bet 😉

Depending on your targets:

  • Visibility: more than 70% of the contacts available on Groover can offer you direct opportunities to get coverage if they have a crush on your music. If it is your main target, your budget can rise over 50-100 Grooviz depending on the music genres to which you identify your music. The more you select curators and pros, the more you increase your chances to get interesting results!
  • Build your entourage: we recommend here to take your time to target relevant contacts for you and your musical univers. The campaigns can be small and precise.

Frequent use cases

Are you an independent artist releasing a single?

For your first Groover campaign, we advise you to start with the Britney pack (€68 for 80 Grooviz = 40 contacts) which will allow you to get in touch with a significant number of contacts (media outlets, playlisters, radio stations etc.) to obtain real results!

Have you planned several releases in the months to come?

In that case, you can choose the Mariah pack (€98 for 120 Grooviz = 60 contacts) or the Freddie pack (€235 for 300 Grooviz = 150 contacts) which will multiply your possibilities and reach. Important reminder: Grooviz never expire, so you'll always be able to use them several months later.

Do you represent many artists with recurrent releases?

The Freddie pack (€235 for 300 Grooviz = 150 contacts) is the most relevant for you, with a 22% discount which will allow you to multiply the opportunities obtained for your artists while saving money at the same time. If it's not enough for your Groover appetite, you can get in touch with us on for even more special offerts 🍰

To sum it up!

The more you contact media outlets, radios, record labels, playlisters, pros, the more your campaign will bring results

🎁 The Grooviz packs are a great way to improve your results while optimizing your budget

🎯 A good targeting according to your goals and your musical universe, while keeping an measured appetite for risk (😛) is also important to maximize the impact of your campaign

To go further, you can read our Groover Blog article about finding the sweet spot for your global music promotion budget

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