What is Groover

On Groover, the artists and their representative (labels, managers, PR officers...) can send a track to music industry professionals (labels, blogs, radios, managers, bookers...) that they pick easily and directly from a list, with the guarantee of being listened to and get guaranteed feedback from them.

How does it work? 🧐

  1. Choose the music influencers you are interested in
  2. Add your track using a YouTube link (could be unlisted) or a Soundcloud link (can be a private link if you add the "sharing" token) and some additional info 
  3. Buy Grooviz, the virtual credits allowing you to send you track to music influencers on Groover. Each influencer costs 2 Grooviz (1 Grooviz = €1)
  4. Submit your campaign. You will receive feedback within 7 days. If some of the influencers do not reply before this deadline is passed, you will get your Grooviz back and will be able to re-use them to make new submissions. (editor's note : the answer rate is currently over 80%). Magical ✨

A win-win system 🤝

🎸 The artists and their representatives save time on their promotion work, and are guaranteed to get feedback, gain visibility and create opportunities (+40,000 sharings and +100 signing with a label, a booker or a publisher since October 2018).

🎧 Music influencers are not overwhelmed with emails anymore. They receive new tracks which fit their editorial policy. For the first time, they are paid for their music discovery activities - €1 per feedback, whatever their decision is - and keep their editorial independence. 

What are you waiting for? 

Try out Groover and boost your career 🚀

🎥 Check our video tutorial to start using Groover as an artist 

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