How to rate a piece of feedback on Groover?

You can now anonymously rate the feedback you receive from 1 to 5 stars

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You can now rate some of the feedback you receive on Groover. We give you all the details in this article ⬇️

1. What is the new feedback rating system?

We're always looking to improve the platform for artists, which is why we've decided to allow artists to rate the feedback they receive from pros and curators.

It provides us complementary information about the feedback that pros and curators make and allows us to react more rapidly if someone doesn't respect our guidelines. It's also a way for us to spot pros who write particularly good feedback.

2. When should I rate a piece of feedback?

As soon as you receive a piece of feedback from a pro or curator who hasn't promised to share your track, you'll be able to rate it.

It's up to you which feedback you'd like to rate, but we invite you to rate as many as you want. It will help us improve the platform!

Your rating will be anonymous and only the Groover team will be able to see it.

3. How do I rate a piece of feedback?

  • In your account in the responses received section, pieces of feedback that didn't receive a promise to share will be labelled "Feedback". Click on one in order to rate the feedback.

  • The stars below the feedback will allow you to rate it according to its quality.

💡 Keep in mind that your rating should be as objective as possible about the quality of the feedback and should not depend on the curator’s opinion of your track.
  • Click on the number of stars that corresponds to the feedback quality (1 being the lowest rating and 5 the highest). You can also detail your rating further using one or several icons below and then send it to us.

  • For 1-2 star ratings, you'll need to provide at least one icon in order to submit your rating.

Negative rating example

Positive rating example

4. What happens when I rate a piece of feedback?

Thanks to your rating, the Groover team will spot curators and pros who don't respect our guidelines faster. We will use this feedback to ensure we are keeping a high standard quality of curators and feedback quality on the platform.

We may contact you following a negative rating to get more details about the situation.

The rating will not result in a global rate on the curator's or pro's profile and the curator will not be notified of your rating.

That's all you need to know about our new feedback rating system. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out on the chat on the platform or via email at 😊

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