How to apply to springboards on Groover?

Free opportunities to play at shows or win prizes on Groover

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What are springboards on Groover?

We regularly organize springboards on the platform to allow you to participate in events for free. Those springboards are directly managed by the Groover team or by partners, and we host them on Groover.

You can send your application directly on Groover for free to try and play live during a showcase or festival, and you could also win a personalized Groover campaign!

After listening to each track that was sent by applicants, one or several winners are selected based on the springboard's criteria.

How do I apply to a springboard?

To send your application for a springboard on the platform, you just have to:

  • Sign up here and create your artist profile

  • Start a campaign and fill out your track info

  • Select the springboard's profile that will appear at the top of the list of pros and curators just like you would with another pro

  • Make sure to read the application criteria on the springboard profile to send a track that matches the description

  • Follow instructions to finish the campaign and send your track. If you have selected only a free springboard, no payment will be asked (of course!)

💡 You can also sign up on Groover directly on the springboard profile. The springboard will be preselected within your campaign :)

How will I be informed of the results?

If you're selected in a springboard, you will receive an email from the Groover team to let you know! Results are often made public a couple of weeks after the springboard ends. Keep in mind that there can be up to 2,000-3,000 applicants for a springboard, and sometimes only 1 to 4 bands selected. So don't feel too disappointed if you're not selected, there's a chance we still love your track and will get in touch with you to help you develop your career.

Don't hesitate to check the platform and our socials often to know which next springboard we'll host!

For any questions, you can reach out to us at ;)

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