How to fill out my curator profile correctly?

Fill out your profile as much as you can to speed up the reviewing process!

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Completing your profile before our review will make it easier for you to get on the platform faster!

How to send your application

First, to create your curator account, click here.

Before our team reviews your profile, we will check if you have filled in all the necessary information. Therefore, we have put together for you a definitive guide of everything you need to have on your curator profile.

Necessary information

Make sure you fill in all the information below, as all those details are precious to validate your application and for artists to send you relevant tracks:

  • Profile Name;

  • Profile and cover photo;

  • Full bio about your work in the music industry (try to be as clear as possible);

  • Select the music styles you love, the ones you want to receive on the platform, and also the ones you wouldn't want to receive;

  • Select your favorite artists;

  • Your social media and website links. If you're applying as a playlist curator, make sure to add your Spotify link and you'll be able to select up to 4 playlists to display on your Groover profile

  • Describe in detail the services, which are the ways of sharing and promoting that you, the curator, can offer to the artists you approve on the platform. How will you share the track?

Some examples of services you can explain :

  1. Write about the artist's track on your website?

  2. Add the song to the radio?

  3. Share on social media? Make a special Instagram promotion for your favorite songs?

  4. Will you select the best artists for interviews?

  5. Will you propose a contract from your record label to the artists you like the most?

  6. Will you add on playlists? (Make sure to write the names and how much time the songs are going to be on them).

Note that there are infinite possibilities. You can write a combination of the items listed above - the vast majority of curators have different ways of sharing and publicizing the artists, always choosing what makes the most sense for the particular artist in question.

Validation of your application

After filling out your profile in its entirety, our team will carry out a process of analyzing it, which may take from 24 hours to about a week. If your curator account is accepted, you will receive an onboarding email to officially join our curator team with all the information you need. It will be a great adventure!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about your application at :)

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