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What is a list on Groover?

On Groover, lists allow you to group and save influencers available on the platform. You can give your lists names to manage them easily, gain time and optimise your future campaigns on Groover. A bit like you use playlists on streaming platforms to organize the songs you like ;)

How to use favorite lists?

You can find and create lists:

  • From the top menu, click on your name and then on Lists

  • During the Selection step of your campaign, right after entering the information linked to your track and got access to the full list of curators & pros [Recommended]

You can also create a list from the curators & pros selection page of your campaign. Add a curator / pro to a list by clicking on the icon on the bottom right corner of the card:

Or directly on their profile:

Why should I use lists?

Your lists of favorite curators & pros can help you find the right contacts for you and launch your campaigns faster. For instance, you can create a list of pros and media according to your style, region…

When you create your next campaign on Groover, you’ll be able to add them easily by clicking on Lists (at the top of the Selection page) and also from your homepage. You’ll be able to complete your selection with one or several lists.

You can also use lists to save the curators & pros who have already accepted a track of yours and send them your next tunes!

💡 Save the curators & pros who have shared one of your tracks or showed particular interest in your music on the Feedback page. You just need to look out for the ones listed as ‘accepted’ and open their profiles in a new tab to click on the list button.

Any questions on how to manage list or any other steps of your campaign? Shoot us an email at support@groover.co 😊

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