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How to redirect artists who send requests directly to Groover
How to redirect artists who send requests directly to Groover

Our advice to receive your music discoveries all in one place

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Do you receive so many emails everyday to the point where your email storage is saturated? Too many Instagram DMs? You really don't know what to do with all those requests?

We're offering you some advice that actually work to save time and earn money by helping you redirect artists to your Groover account ✨

First we're going to see how to redirect artists who contact you directly from your media/channel/playlist, then on social media and finally through email

1. From your media, channel or playlist

We have a tip: redirect artists who send you their music directly to Groover. A great way to receive submissions from talented musicians that correspond to your editorial line while earning Grooviz.

We've implemented a personalized referral link and an iframe widget/button. If they click on this link or button, artists will land on your Groover profile, just a few steps away from sending a campaign.

👉 To get your custom widget code and your referral URL, log into Groover and head to We need you! from the top-down menu or just click here if you're logged in

The widget is customizable so you can adapt the format, text and design to your website.

Some examples:

  • You can typically add the button or link to your contact page (just like Indeflagration has) or on your home page (like Fréquence Verte) and briefly explain what Groover is. If you're in need of some inspiration, here's what Indeflagration wrote:

International artists, managers, label owners, PR officers, please submit your music to us and more than 2,500 blogs, radios, playlists curators, labels and music pros of your choice through Groover.

  • You manage a Youtube channel? You can add your referral link link to the description below your videos and in the 'About' section of your channel. Don't hesitate to you use to shorten the link and make it more clickable!

  • You're a playlist curator? If you use Soundiiz to create smartlinks of your playlist, you can just add a special button for Groover. Instructions in this article. You can also add the link to your Groover profile directly in your playlist description on Spotify.

2. From your socials

Our team will be happy to create a design for you in square, landscape & story formats so you can let the artists know they can contact you on Groover. Shoot us an email at and we'll take care of it!

💡 When posting the design on Instagram, don't forget to tag us & @groover.en so we cans share in our Story too!

Use Quick Replies on Instagram

As explained in this article, it's fairly easy to set up Quick Replies in your Instagram account.

This way, every time an artist sends you a DM, you can quickly ask them to send you their track on Groover. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile page.

  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner (3 horizontal lines), and tap on the gear icon to go to 'Settings' then 'Business' if you already have a business account (if that's not already the case, see here how to switch)

  3. Scroll down and tap on 'Quick Replies'.

  4. Tap on the plus (+) sign in the top right corner to create a quick reply message.

  5. Once you've written your message, type a shortcut in the box above. When sending a message, whenever you type the shortcut word, a quick reply icon will appear in the message box. Tap on the quick reply icon, and the message will appear for you to send!

Use a Snipfeed link in your Instagram bio

We've recently partnered up with Snipfeed to set up a free & handy tool for Groover artists:

  • A free link generator for your bio. Nowadays most Instagram bios have a link and this option is more modern than Linktree. It allows you to make changes for free :)

  • Adapted to the music industry with most major streaming platforms available

  • Unique features, like the option to receive donations on a regular basis from your fans (we have negotiated a lower commission of 10% instead of 20% if you use this link)

At Groover, we love to use Snipfeed with our accounts (sneak peak here). On Snipfeed you can add you custom URL to redirect artists on your Groover profile.

👉 FYI, just head to your account > Top menu > Parameters > Redirection or here if you're logged in to access your custom referral URL

3. From your inbox

You receive hundreds of emails daily and you're looking for an easy way to answer artists?

We recommend you to use the Canned Responses feature in Gmail. It'll allow you to answer each email in 2 clicks with templates. In the template, add you custom link. Here's a detailed guide to Canned Responses.

Another solution is to set up an automatic reply, if you're not checking this inbox anymore.

Gorgias the free extension to gain time and redirect artists who contact you

Another cool tool we like to recommend is Gorgias. It's a Chrome extension that's also available for free online. It's basically the equivalent to Instagram's Saved Replies for emails. With Gorgias you can easily create different email templates that will show up with a shortcut. Pretty ideal to quickly tell artists to contact you on Groover.

👉 FYI, just head to your account > Top menu > Parameters > Redirection or here if you're logged in to access your custom referral URL

Inspiration to write your redirection email template ⬇️


Thank you so much for sending us this new music. I'd love to listen to it but I can't, it's very complicated these days, we're completely overwhelmed with music submissions and cannot check all our emails!

I strongly advise you to contact us through Groover [ADD YOU CUSTOM URL HERE ]. It's a new platform on which you can send your music to the media outlets, labels, playlists and music pros of your choice - already more than 2,000 selected ones mainly located in France, Canada, Belgium, UK, Italy, Brazil, USA, Australia for now - for €2 by contact, and be guaranteed to be listened to and receive at least written feedback. Often more! Reviews, playlists adds etc. It's the best way for you to know how your music works in France, Belgium, Italy, Brazil... And we listen carefully to each track we receive on the platform.

You can send your music to us (and many more cool blogs and music pros) here: [ADD YOU CUSTOM URL HERE]

Good luck for everything,


You can check out this guide for more ideas to share your Groover profile and redirect artists. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on the chat or at

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