One track at a time 😉

For now, Groover only allows you to send one track at a time. That's what helps us display your music easily in the curator dashboard and helps them discover your music under the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to tell about your LP / EP and its release date into the pitch of your track and on your profile. There's an optional field to add the link to your LP / EP as well, but bear in mind that curators don't have to listen to it. But if they like the track you sent, they'll probably dig in ⚡️

Music videos are welcome 🎥

Since you can use a YouTube link to share your track, when you do it, the player is nicely displayed on the curator / pro dashboard. The curators & pros you've contacted will be able to enjoy your music video. Some actually only want to receive music videos [have a look at their preferences!]

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