What is feedback on Groover? Is it private?

Quick explanation about feedback on Groover

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A piece of feedback on Groover is a short written text (min. 15 words) given by an influencer about the track sent by the artist or its representative. Currently, the average feedback are 40 words long. Feedback is private. Only you and the influencer who wrote it have access to it.

What can you expect from a piece of feedback?

A piece of feedback is more or less detailed depending on the curator / pro, with the ambition of being helpful for the artist, detailed - on the reasons why the curator / pro will or will not share the track -, sincere and benevolent. Each influencer agrees to the guidelines for curators & pros on Groover.

Depending on the type of curator / pro you reached, feedback could take the form of advice [managers, record labels], an objective opinion about the production, the music genre, or more frequently subjective explanations [labels, media outlets, radios, blogs].

Mentors and badges

In order to help you navigate through the selection of more than 900 curators / pros on Groover, we have set up badges. You'll be able to filter out the selection of curators / pros depending on these badges.

1 - Badges linked with special services and activities :

  • Certified Playlist Spotify : the Groover team has verified the editorial quality and the impact of this playlist

  • Certified Youtube Channel : the Groover team has verified the editorial quality and the impact of this channel

  • Organizes events : This media / pro organizes gigs

2 - Badges linked with the activity of the curator / pro on Groover

  • Impactful : this curator / pro is known for having a strong positive impact on the artists shared or met

  • Feedbacks de qualité : this curator / pro stands out by the pertinence and quality of the feedback given

  • High answer rate : this curator / pro is very active currently, giving feedback to more than 90% of the received tracks

  • High acceptance rate : This curator / pro accepts more than 15% of the received tracks

  • (Very) selective : This curator / pro shares less than 4% of received tracks

  • Top Curator / Pro - This curator / pro is part of the "Top Curator / Pro" special program reserved to less than 3% of the outlets available. you can contact them for 4 Grooviz instead of 2. More details on this program here.

3 - Mentors

Do not hesitate to have a look to the Mentors. They tend to give longer and more detailed feedbacks, if this is what you are looking for. They are part of a specific program, encouraging them to be more specific in their explanations.

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