Small tips to improve your experience on Groover

  1. You can refine your preferred music genres on your profile. Being as precise as you can - and selective! - will increase the chances that the artists closest to your music tastes will send you their tracks. Do not hesitate to fill in the "Preferences" box to indicated what you want and what you do not want to receive.

2. Thanks to the small icons under your feedback asking “Do you want to receive more tracks like this?”, you can help us improve the adequacy of the tracks you receive to your tastes.

3. If you receive too many tracks that are far from your musical tastes, you can choose to report the track by clicking on the "..." located under the embedded player, then on "Report this track". You'll be able to indicate why you report the track - here "The track doesn't match my taste at all". By doing that, you give up your earning with this submission and the artist will get 2 Grooviz back.

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