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How to transfer / withdraw my Grooviz in € as a curator / pro?
How to transfer / withdraw my Grooviz in € as a curator / pro?

How to use / withdraw the Grooviz you've earned by listening to music as a curator / pro

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Go to your Wallet. You can choose between:

  • Transfer your Grooviz from your curator account to your artist / representative account and launch a campaign for one of the artists you represent. If you choose this option, we will add a 20% Grooviz bonus to your transfer (the 20% bonus only applies to transfer of 10+ Grooviz) ✨

  • Withdrawing your Grooviz in € - min €20 per request - and we will process within 3-5 days following your request.

You can indicate the informations regarding your professional status directly in your Wallet. You will have to indicate:

  • Your status (sole trader, association, company, other...)

  • The name of your entity / your name-surname

  • The address of the entity

  • The Business Identification Number of the entity if you have one

  • Your IBAN [only available for European countries for now] or PayPal account

If you do not have a professional status yet, if you have any question regarding this matter and / of if you want us to guide you through it, don't hesitate to send us an email: We'll get back to you shortly.

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