First, you have to understand that becoming a music curator / pro on Groover is not open to everyone. Each application is carefully reviewed.

The criteria to become a Music Curator / Pro on Groover

In order to become a music curator / pro on Groover you will have to check all these boxes:

  • A serious and solid project

  • Being in activity for a significant amount of time, and being currently active

  • Creating valuable content which helps showcase emerging artists

  • A website or at least a Facebook/Instagram page and a significant audience

  • Being able to offer opportunities and/or coverage and/or wise and detailed advice to the artists that you will have a crush on

We remain completely free to approve or not a new influencer to maintain the coherence of the list of contacts offered to our artists users.

Validation of your application

After your application, we'll contact you shortly to approve your application, ask for more information or decline it.

To maximize your chances of being approved as a music curator / pro, we advise you to fully fill in your profile by indicating the musical genres you like and write about, what you want or do not want to receive, your favorite artists and a short description. You will receive an onboarding email if your application is approved. The usual delay to approve new music influencers is between 24 and 48 hours.

The Groover Guidelines for Influencers

Once your profile is approved, the artists will be able to contact you through Groover and you will be notified by email for each track you receive! We will also send you emails you when submissions are about to expire.

You will also have to read and approve the Groover Guidelines for Influencers below. A short guide which will surely help you give your first feedback 😉

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