Key steps ✹

  1. You've just received a new track? Go to your Dashboard

  2. In the 'New' tab, you will find all the tracks that you have received which are awaiting a feedback. For each track received, you have 7 days to listen to it and give feedback.

  3. For each track, you will have to decide if you only want to give feedback, or if you want to do more: feature, playlist add, get in touch with the artist... You do this by ticking the boxe(s) related. Then you can write feedback of at least 15 words in the corresponding field, and send it.

  4. You just sent your feedback directly to the artist. If you approved his / her track - meaning that you chose to do more than write feedback - he or she will have access to your email and you to his / hers.

  5. To have a look back at your decisions, click on "Dashboard" then on "To be Shared" - the section in which you will find the approved tracks and be able to send your sharing details directly to the artist - or on "Completed" - the section in which you can find all the feedback you've given so far.

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