New on Groover ✨ You have a record label? You are both artist and journalist? You have several accounts on Groover?

👉 Connect your accounts to switch easily from one to the other

Whatever your situation is, you can now link your accounts and switch from one to the other easily like on Instagram. The process is explained below:

1. Click on the icon in the right top corner then on "Switch account"

2. Click on "Add account" and fill in the login information for your other account

That way, you can easily connect your different accounts and switch from one to the other easily. You will not have to log out and log in anymore 😎

👉 Transfer your Grooviz from your curator account to your artist / representative account

You want to launch a campaign for one of the artists you represent and use the Grooviz you've earned as a curator? It's really simple!

1. Go to your Wallet and click on "Transfer" or "Make a transfer"

2. Choose your Recipient or Add a new recipient using his/her account email

3. Scroll down and select the amount you wish to transfer, then click on "Transfer". The transfer is immediate!

Be careful, you cannot revert that operation

You're then free to login to your Artist / Artist Representative account and launch a campaign with these Grooviz ;)

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