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How to collect the files necessary for you to share a track
How to collect the files necessary for you to share a track

Here is an easy way to collect the key elements that you need in order to share an artist's track(.wav file, cover, press release etc.)

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You had a crush on a track and want to broadcast it on the radio, write an article about it, or even do an interview with him/her? You already imagine the endless mails exchanges to get the files that you need to do it?

Do not panic! Groover has implemented a feature that will allow you to download all the files directly on the platform, without using emails 💪

1 - First, select the decision that best suits you (broadcast this song, write an article…), then indicate below the files that you need to share it. Then, as usual, write your feedback and send it to the artist.

2 - The artist then receives your feedback and request for files. He can then upload them directly on Groover.

3 - Once the artist added the files, we will inform you with a notification on the platform that the files are available. You can click on the song on your Dashboard (in the "To share / contact" tab) and download the files!
We rename all files with the right information before sending them, so it will be easier for you to find your way around.

4 - All you have to do now is to share the song and send to the artist the link/information about your sharing from the "To share / contact" tab, so that he can be notified and share it!

5 - BONUS: You can pre-select by default the type of files you generally need by going to your "Settings" then "My influencer information". This information can be changed at any time :)

You can also save this information by default when you request the files for a specific track by clicking on "Save as default files" at the bottom of the window [see first image in this article].

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