A Groover pro or curator fell in love with one of your tracks and wants to broadcast it on the radio, write an article, or even do an interview with you? Already imagining the endless email exchanges to send the requested files?

Do not panic! Groover has implemented a feature that will allow you to send all the files requested by the pros directly through the platform, without using mails anymore.

The process to upload the files requested by the pros and curators 🚀

1 - If you have just received a positive piece of feedback and an acceptance, your song has the status "Accepted" written in green in your feedback. In case the curator needs other elements to perform his sharing - for example: file in .wav format and album cover for radios - you must now send him/her the requested files.

2 - So, you just have to click on the button "Add the requested files" [see image below]

3 - Now, upload the files that the pro or curator needs in order to share your track (audio file .wav, press release, album cover). Please note that uploading may take a little time, especially if your song's .wav file is over 20MB.

4 - You can also modify the files associated with your song once uploaded by clicking the bin icon and uploading the new file.

5 - You just have to wait for the curators to share your track. You can go regularly in your feedback to verify that your title has the status "Shared" and check the sharing link. In case you doubt that the pro has seen/received the files, don't hesitate to reach out to him/her directly by email.

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