The music influencers on Groover are music enthusiasts who have been carefully picked up by the Groover Team for their ability to curate and discover talented new artists.

Today they can be placed in 3 main categories depending on what you are looking for. You can access to the whole list of influencers available once you've started your campaign and added the info on your track. You can then target them more precisely by using the filters available (music genres, types, countries)

  • Visibility: those are the media outlets, blogs, radio stations & shows, playlisters, Youtube channels... If they like your track, they will share it to their audience, allowing you to get your music heard to a new audience
  • Partners: they are record labels, bookers, managers looking for their next crushes to start working with and representing. If you're looking to build your entourage, those are the ones you should contact
  • Advice: they are managers, coaches, mentors or other music industry. They have been chosen for their abilities to give you advice on your production, your career or your project. If you're sending a demo or looking for detailed advice, those are the ones you should get in touch with in priority

All the music influencers on Groover share the desire to discover new music talents and fresh music. They have been picked up carefully for what they could bring to you. Music influencers are free, independent and specialized in different music genres. Today Groover counts more than 700 active music influencers.

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