The influencers on Groover are music enthusiasts who have been selected carefully by the Groover Team for their abilities to curate and put the spotlight on new talents.

Currently, there are 3 main categories of influencers on Groover and you can target them more precisely by using the filters here:

  • Media outlets: magazines, radios, blogs, playlists, Youtube channels... If they like your track, they will share it to their audience, allowing you to grow your audience and become more popular
  • Record labels and bookers: they are looking for the next stars to sign with and to represent. They are potentials partners for you if they have a crush on your music
  • Mentors: working as managers, coaches or other professionals of the industry, they have been chosen for their skills to advise you on your production, career or project. They particularly suit the artists who are just starting and are mainly looking for feedback on their music.

All influencers on Groover share the desire of discovering new talents and great music. They have all been picked up carefully for what they could bring to you. Music influencers are free, independent and specialized in different music genres. Currently, Groover counts more than 300 active influencers - Discover them here

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